Copy of Backstory

The Ancient Astronaut Shuttle Crew, aboard the A.A.S.C. MOTHERSHIP, has been bolding exploring the darkest, outer edges of the tropical flavor galaxy for years. An unexpected solar flare, accompanied by high levels of cosmic rays, sends the MOTHERSHIP's electronics into disarray. The psycho-space marauders are left with no other option but to execute emergency landing protocols on a nearby mysterious, and previously unchartered planet. Once off-board, the crew examines the surroundings. The odd, sinister planet has little to offer to help rebuild or repair the ship, but has ample natural resources of strange, exotic fruits and vegetables. The major source of water on the planet appears to be a curious and intoxicating, alcoholic spirit. The crew has discovered no intelligent life, but a strange presence and odd, unexplainable encounters have been reported.

The Ancient Astronaut Shuttle Crew accepts that they are marooned, destined to live out their remaining years on this forbidden planet. They establish a new colony, and over time fashion the ship into a base camp. Together, the fearless, adventurous, tight-knit crew members commit to co-existing within the unfamiliar surroundings of the tropical planet, not in desperate peril, but on a Permanent Vacation.